Volumising & Bouncing Shampoo

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  • Get soft, bouncy hair that speaks volumes with the intense nourishment of Medimix Ayurvedic Volumising & Bouncing Shampoo
  • Infused with Ayurvedic ingredients that makes hair soft and bouncy
  • Enriched with carrot seed oil that promotes hair growth and improves hair texture
  • Comes with vegetable keratin that makes hair stronger, non-frizzy and protects from external damage
  • Natural, fast-acting Ayurvedic ingredients help repair and prevent hair dullness
Product Description:

Make your hair bouncy and let it speak volumes with Medimix Ayurvedic Volumising & Bouncing Shampoo. We use the power of Fast Acting Ayurveda to give your hair a healthy bounce and lustrous shine in a 100% natural way. Enriched with carrot seed oil and vegetable keratin that make hair thicker, more voluminous and bouncier. Silicone-free, SLES-free, gluten-free, paraffin-free and paraben-free to be 100% natural and suitable for all hair types. It lathers richly for luxurious cleansing. Medimix’s new shampoo range is crafted to give your hair the natural care it deserves.

  • Silicone-free, SLES-free, nitrosamine-free, paraffin-free and paraben-free to give hair natural, intense nourishment
  • Suitable for all hair types

How to Use:

Step 1: Apply a little quantity of shampoo on wet hair

Step 2: Work up lather with gentle massage

Step 3: Rinse thoroughly

Step 4: Use towel to pat dry