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Choose The Right Conditioner For Your Hair

Finding the right anti dandruff conditioner for your hair can be a difficult task. And the search becomes even more difficult when you are looking for an organic hair conditioner. Medimix conditioners are made up of a variety of natural extracts and concentrates that are designed to condition your hair beautifully while maintaining the pH balance of the scalp.

How To Choose The Right Conditioner For You?

Hair type

Before buying an anti dandruff conditioner, find out what is your hair type: dry, oily, or normal. Also keep in mind your individual hair requirements. Choose a balanced Ayurvedic formulation that combines natural ingredients that provide benefits tailored to your hair type. For example, if you have coloured hair you can opt for Medimix Colour Protection & Moisturising Conditioner.

Check the ingredients

Check to see whether you are allergic to any of the conditioner's ingredients. Check for elements like almond oil and other hydrating and moisturising compounds if you have dry, frizzy hair. If you have dandruff, seek for components that contain thyme oil, which can help prevent scalp scaliness and dandruff.

Choose chemical-free conditioners for best results

Many conditioners contain silicones, sulphates, and parabens to improve softness, antibacterial properties, and even shelf life. Though these chemicals instantly and effectively improve the condition of the hair and scalp, they are harmful if used for an extended period of time. Choose a herbal conditioner that is free of chemicals and synthetic additives.

What are the different types of Medimix Conditioners?

1. Anti-dandruff & Scalp Treatment Conditioner

Medimix Ayurvedic Anti dandruff Conditioner promotes healthy, growing hair that is free of dandruff. This organic hair conditioner contains an incredible blend. Thyme oil protects the scalp and prevents dandruff, while Rosemary extract soothes the scalp. Amla, Aloe Vera, Neem Oil, and Tea Tree are all present in this anti-dandruff conditioner.

2. Colour Protection & Moisturising Conditioner

Medimix Colour Protection & Moisturising Conditioner contains avocado oil and green tea, which prevent hair colour from fading quickly while intensely nourishing your hair. This conditioner moisturises your scalp, strengthens your hair, reduces hair fall, and leaves your hair soft and smooth.

3. Deep Cleansing & Hydrating Conditioner

Medimix Deep Cleansing & Hydrating Conditioner is a must-have for healthy and smooth hair. This herbal conditioner contains Argan oil and Almond extracts, which help in eliminating  damage, soothe the hair, and improve its overall health. This product also includes Aloe Vera, Wild Ginger, and Neem, which are natural herbs known for making hair healthier and shinier.

4. Revitalising & Repair Conditioner

A proper nourishment regimen is essential to achieve healthy and strong hair. Enriched with Wheat Germ oil and Lotus extracts to protect and strengthen hair.. The

Revitalising & Repair conditioner is free of sulphates, gluten, and parabens, and is suitable for all hair types.

5. Softening and Silkening Conditioner

Get silky smooth hair with Medimix Softening & Silkening Conditioner. Enriched with Jojoba oil and Hibiscus extracts to hydrate, restore, and improve the health of your scalp. This product also contains Aloe Vera, Wild Ginger, and Neem, which are natural herbs known for making hair healthier and shinier.

6. Volumising & Bouncing Conditioner

Medimix Volumising and Bouncing Conditioner is made with natural ingredients that work together to strengthen and protect hair. Carrot seed oil and Vegetable Keratin are added to the formula, which provides intense hydration to your hair. This organic hair conditioner’s goodness adds volume and a charming bounce to your hair.

Medimix Organic Hair Conditioner FAQs

  1. Which organic conditioner is best for hair?

It is important to choose a conditioner based on your hair type. Medimix Ayurvedic Hair Conditioners work wonders on your hair. Analyse the benefits of the conditioner's ingredients and choose the best one for your hair type.

  1. What is the best healthiest hair conditioner?

To get healthy, smooth and clean hair, use Medimix Deep Cleansing & Hydrating Conditioner. It is filled with the benefits of Argan Oil, Almond Extract and other minerals and nutrients that cleanses your hair effectively. To get better results, opt for Medimix Deep Cleansing & Hydrating Shampoo.