Medimix Ayurvedic Anti Tan Face wash


Stay protected from the sun All day, everyday

  • The perfect solution to fight the harmful UV rays of the sun naturally
  • The ingredient Tanaka, a finely ground bark found in Myanmar, provides a natural infusion of antioxidants to the skin, deep-cleaning it and keeping it balanced by removing excess oil.
  • It also prevents tanning and nourishes your skin
  • The other key ingredients Kapittha, Yastimadhu and Karcura combine with Tanaka to work as a highly effective sunscreen, giving all-day protection from sunburn and skin dehydration

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Product Ingredients


Limonia acidissima

Benefit: Natural sun protection, refines pores, antioxidants, provides a cooling and soothing effect

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Glycyrrhiza glabra

Benefit: Soothing properties, helps relieve itching and swelling, improves skin tone and whitens skin

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Aloe Vera

Indian Aloe

Benefit: Protects skin from inflammation, reduces scars, heals wounds and burns and soothes skin

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Curcuma zedoaria

Benefit: Protects skin from inflammation, wounds healing properties

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