Cholayil is all about Ayurveda

Good health is a result of living in harmony with nature – keeping the balance between the world within and the world outside. Today, despite vast advancements in science and modern medicine, many people are still inclined to take a more natural approach to healthcare. In a world of growing chemical products, Ayurveda – a system of medicine with historical roots in the Indian subcontinent and often classified as ‘alternative healing’ today – still retains its charm and impact. The Atharva Veda refers to the skin as matruj ayyava, meaning that it is ‘of maternal origin’. We at Cholayil take this very seriously and strongly believe that going the natural Ayurvedic way is best for your skin.

Real Ayurveda: A pursuit through generations

The classical Ayurveda texts begin with accounts of the transmission of medical knowledge from the Gods to sages, and then to human physicians. In fact, some scholars assert that Ayurveda originated in prehistoric times, and that some of the concepts of Ayurveda have existed from the time of the Indus Valley Civilization or even earlier.

And the Cholayils, a well-respected family from Kerala, have long been closely associated with an in-depth study of Ayurveda. Their legacy, rich with nature’s secrets and preserving the ethos of time-tested study, has been carefully handed down through generations of renowned Ayurvedic practitioners and has resulted in the development of various products and remedies that have the potency to heal the natural way. View our rich heritage

Yoga and Ayurveda – The harmony of mind and body, naturally

And, while Ayurveda is about the healing aspect, Yoga is all about the spiritual and practical side of health practices.

A 5000-year-old practice, Yoga is the art of controlling the mind, body and soul through different breathing techniques, meditation and body postures. It reduces stress and anxiety, increases flexibility, strengthens muscles, improves respiration and adds vitality to your life.

Sharing the common origin of Vedic texts, Ayurveda and Yoga together emphasize a complete approach to wholesome wellness – of the body, the mind and the spirit.

And just like Yoga rejuvenates your mind and body, Medimix’s range of all natural and Ayurvedic solutions are packed with some of nature’s best kept secrets and refined with time-tested learning to heal, protect and refresh your skin every day.